Penny – Found Living in a Garage with Another Cat Who Had to be Euthanized

This is Penny. She was caught along with another cat, Teddy, she had been living with in a garage. As you may have seen from the 4 Paws 1 Heart posts, Teddy, who looked just like Penny, had to be humanely euthanized because he was so severely ill from an upper respiratory infection and then was found to have feline leukemia. Penny was also brought to the vet, withe the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart and a very kind rescuer, Kelly Hook, and Penny was found with feline leukemia. After having the experience of being with Teddy while he was humanely euthanized, Kelly just didn’t have the heart to humanely euthanize Penny because she has leukemia; she did not have any other issues as did Teddy. Now Kelly is looking for a loving home for this shy girl who needs to be an only cat or in a family with other cats with leukemia. If you can help, please contact Kelly Hook at ~ diana

“This cat is about a year old we have named her Penny ,unfortunately she has tested positive for feline leukemia.Penny and another cat stayed in someone’s garage for the last year .The other cat Teddy had to be euthanized because he was so sick .Penny was literally about to be euthanized ,but I couldn’t because she’s not very sick and she gave me this look like she just wanted help .I knew I couldn’t do it at that moment .It can take months or years for her to become really sick ,so if anyone can give Penny a home that she deserves please let me know .She is very shy and needs someone to work with her .If anyone has ideas of a rescue for her that would be great Cynthia Scott Somoski thank you for keeping Penny for the next week until I can figure something out Diana Rascano thank you for helping with her vetting .All I know is she deserves to be loved for however amount of time she’s here with us  Kelly”penny w:kelly hook 4:21:17

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