Muffin – Her Owner Passed Away and Now She May Have Cancer

6/8/17 – Please say a prayer for sweet Muffin. She is 13 years old and her owner passed away. The owners family surrendered her to a rescue, but in the process of getting her groomed for her new journey, a mass was found. She was taken to a vet who aspirated the mass and the doctor believed that it might be cancerous. There was no way of being assured without a biopsy, blood test, and x-rays which the rescue could not afford. 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid for Muffin to be seen by the professional staff at Hartrick Veterinary Clinic. The tests x ray and blood work was negative. We are still working on it for this poor emaciated little girl and if Muffin does have inoperable cancer, a hospice home has been found. ~ dianaMuffin 6:8:17

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