Hope – Shot in the Head and Found Suffering in a Field

6/7/17 (9:01 a.m.) UPDATE: Hope remains on medication. She had another seizure yesterday, late afternoon. She did have x rays done of her head and chest and nothing was found. The doctor reported that shrapnel was found in the face, neck, and chest. It appears that her orbital bone may have taken the brunt of the gunshot. The hospital staff said that Hope is very emaciated and is very nice. She went for two walks yesterday, but today she wasn’t interested. Hope does have a fractured orbital bone and it is still unsure whether her eyesight was affected. Hope will be in the hospital for a couple of days while the staff continues to watch over her to ensure no abscesses form in her injuries. We have committed to Hope’s recovery and will assist the rescue with ensuring Hope finds a safe and loving home. ~ diana

6/6/17 (6:00p.m.) Latest report is that Hope was resting and eating. No further word but so happy they seemed to have controlled her seizures. – Diana

6/6/17 (1:00p.m.) UPDATE: The doctor believes the bullet may have just grazed Hope but fractured her orbital socket and there appears to be shrapnel from the bullet. The seizures have stopped and when Hope is stable, x rays will be taken. ~ diana

6/6/17 (11:09 a.m.) UPDATE: X Rays cannot be done until the seizures are stopped. Hope is now heavily medicated. The doctor thinks her orbital bone is broken and she may now be blind in one eye. The doctor is also afraid that the bullet is in her neck. I’m afraid that we are going to need financial help from our friends so if you can, please donate to Hope’s care by using the paypal link on this page or mail a check to P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 We want to give this girl a second chance if at all possible and someone has stepped up to foster her if we can save her. ~ diana

6/6/17 – Prayer Warriors Needed – This is Hope. Last night I received a call about a very sweet dog who was found laying in a field; she appeared to be purposely shot in the head. This morning she was picked up by a friend of 4p1h and brought to a veterinary hospital. On the long ride to the hospital, poor Hope was having seizures and actually got her head stuck between the car door and the car seat. She is with the doctor now and it is thought that she has been like this for at least 4 days. An exit hole could not be seen so it is not known whether the bullet is still in Hope or if the wound was more of a graze. We will learn more later. In the meantime, please pray for this sweet animal and the many others. There are far too many animals walking the streets being prey to many sub humans. ~ dianaHope 6::6:17hope w:debbie 6:6:17

Luna – A Birth Defect Resulted in Leg Surgery

6/6/17 – Luna – So young to have been through so much. Here is her story as told by our friend Lori Stephens. We agreed to pay for Luna’s required surgery which she had on May 25. She was in a lot of pain after the surgery; so much so that it took 1 hour to get her out of the car. She had her stitches removed and had her post surgery visit with the doctor on June 1. She is still not using her leg and we are quite sure that we will have her see Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets for an assessment. Please say a little prayer for this very sweet girl. We are committed to her full recovery. Luna will need a forever, loving home. Lori tells us that she is a small (35 lbs), friendly, and very energetic dog. If interested, contact Lori at: [email protected] ~ diana

“Luna and her littermate (Drizzy) were posted on 4Paws Village page on October 26, 2016 (Luna is in the back). The person who rescued them from a bad situation was moving in with relatives that day and could not take them. She had rescued the 2 pups earlier in the summer when she was at a party. The pups which were only about 12 weeks old at that time and were tied to the fence in the backyard with a belt. Unfortunately she did not have the money to vet them and could not find homes for them over the next 2 months that she had them.

I picked them up that night, vetted them and placed them with adoptive families. Unfortunately, one of the families fell on hard times and asked if I could take Luna in on a temporary basis. At that time, I noticed Luna was limping a little. It continued to get worse and I took Luna to Wilsons. Surgery was recommended.

I returned Luna to her family in late April when I was told they had housing. Also surgery was scheduled. Again, unfortunately, the family’s situation did not improve and they surrendered Luna to me. – Lori “luna 6:6:17

Fundraiser 2017 – Thank You

6/5/17 – A HUGE THANK YOU to our Bowling Lane Sponsors, our generous business partners and friends who donated amazing raffle items, and the 140 supporters who came out for a fun evening of bowling and friendship — all to benefit the abandoned and abused. Seventy animals will receive medical assistance because of you.~ Diana18951476_1532262513472708_3444993962231581376_n18835777_1532262646806028_925761784503358164_n

Callie, Mittens and Georgi – Dumped by Their Owners

6/2/17 – Yes it is that time of the year when kittens are being rescued around every corner and under every bush. No matter how much we do, the issue of overpopulation continues to be daunting. When 4 Paws 1 Heart agrees to pay for medical care that means we will pay for the spay of the mom, once the babies are weaned, and we commit to taking care of the kittens when they are old enough. We will also help the rescuers with finding a forever, loving home by providing courtesy postings on our Petfinder page which is only available to 501c3 organizations and on our Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart facebook page. At the same time sub humans continue to dump their one-time pets forcing them to fend for themselves. Callie and Mittens were both found together. It is suspected that they were purposely dumped on a dead end street. Fortunately, they were rescued and are now looking for a loving, forever home. Georgi is a 5-6 week old kitten just recently found walking on the streets. She/he will be seen by a veterinarian and neutered/spayed when old enough and will also be looking for his/her forever home. Please contact Krystin at: [email protected] If you can give them the love they deserve. ~ dianacallie and mittens 6:2:17georgi 6:2:17

Clark Kent & Logan – Rescued from Under a House

6/1/17 – Happy first day of June as we continue to give a second chance to those most vulnerable in our society. Meet Clark Kent and Logan (grey kitty). A friend of 4p1h heard scratching noises and meows from under her house and they are what she found. Clark Kent and Logan will be vaccinated, neutered, and tested and will be up for adoption. Please contact our friend Heather Sterner, who has taken them into her home, if you are interested in adopting them. [email protected] ~ diana

clark kent & Logan

Mama – Found With Newborn Kittens in a Garage

5/31/17 – It was the evening of Memorial Day when I received a call regarding this mom who was found in a garage with 3 newborn kittens. According to the rescuer ” everyone looked healthy yesterday. Mama was eating, drinking, and taking care of the babies; the babies were nursing and gaining weight. Around 6pm today, one of my kids said mama was hot and breathing heavy. I went and checked on her and she was panting tongue, hanging out and rapid breathing. I put a fan in the room in case she was hot. I took the babies for a little while to try and let her rest. But I’m worried.”

Because we were afraid that another baby might have been stuck in the birth canal, Mama and babies were taken to the emergency hospital where x rays and blood work were completed. It was determined that Mama had an inordinate amount of feces in her, and fortunately, there were no other kittens. Mama was treated and released. Later, Mama finally had a bowel movement and was resting comfortably as of yesterday. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be on standby should Mama need more medical care. ~ dianamama and kittens 5:31:17

Canadian Goose – Hit By a Car

Thank you, Bree and Patricia, for your huge hearts. We will always be there for you as long as we have money. Rest In Peace sweet Daisy. – Diana

 “Rough start to our day. A Canadian Goose was struck by a car by Wal-mart and Bree saw it and immediately stopped to assist getting her off the road to assess her condition. Of course no one stopped and buzzed by her and the goose, damn people. Thanks to Diana Rascano, 4 paws 1 heart, and the caring people at the Animal clinic of Sterling Heights, she is no longer in pain and suffering. She was assessed and found that the head injuries were too extensive and was humanely euthanized. We named her Daisy. RIP Sorry that we have such heartless human beings in this world. – Patricia”goose w:patricia brown

Tico – His Caretaker Let Him Down

UPDATE 5/31/17: I had been waiting to post this until I heard back from his caretaker, who had promised to get back to me with an update and photos. Because of this posting, someone very much involved in this case, contacted me to say she had also been trying to get an update on Tico. Later in the day, she contacted me to report that Tico had passed away although it does not appear it was because of these injuries. I also learned that the person who called me frantically crying had actually lied about the situation. He had allowed a person into his home with two alleged pitbulls. This goes under the saying that “no good deed goes unpunished” RIP Sweet Tico. The humans let you down. ~ dianatico w:bruceplumb

5/30/17 – Tico was attacked by a stray dog as he was being walked by his caretaker. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to pay for Tico’s veterinarian visit where he was treated for wounds. According to the veterinarian he was doing well and was released. ~ diana

Bella and Tiger – Found With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

5/29/17 – As we continue to remember the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen soldiers who fought for the freedoms of world citizens, rescue of the abandoned and abused continues. This is Tiger and Bella recently rescued by our friend Jessica M. They both had severe upper respiratory infections but are now healthy, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated, AND, most importantly, in forever, loving homes. Thank you to all who contribute to our effort and please, on this day, say an extra prayer for all of our military personnel still fighting the fight against evil.bella w:jessica miller 5:5:17tiger w:jessica miller 5:5:17