Loki and Leo – Find Their Forever Homes

7/12/17 New Beginnings. ~ dianaloki 7:12:17luki 7:12:17

“Peter a.k.a Loki with his new family. Including his new brother, our former foster, Bruce a.k.a Leo! We couldn’t be happier for this little boy. Thank you Charlotte Yakima for trapping these babies…. Both Loki (2017) and Leo (2016)! Thank you Diana Rascanoand 4Paws 1Heart for covering vet costs. This cause has helped both Loki and Leo, thank you! ~ Heather”

Penelope – Found With Her Three Kittens in a Wooded Area

7/12/17 – It takes a village. We are blessed to have so many rescue partners.

“Picture-purrfect Siamese-mix Penelope was found living in a small wooded area in a Macomb neighborhood with her 3 kittens. We believe she once had a family, butbecame abandoned or lost. She is approximately 7 years old with a lot of love left to give. She has been spayed, combo tested negative, and vaccinated. She’ll be available through Tigerlily Cat Rescue in about a month. Special thanks to our vetting sponsor 4 Paws 1 Heart penelope 7:11:17😺


Spencer – Rescued from the Street; Now in His Forever Home

Spencer is an extremely affectionate 10 week old male Tuxedo kitty. Through help from 4paws1heart, he has been neutered, FELV/FIV tested negative and in up to date on age appropriate vaccinations. He loves to have his tummy rubbed and will sleep right next to you purring. From his sleek black body to his white furry paws, Spencer will give you fur baby kisses and head butts for many years to come. He is great with kids, other cats and dogs and litter box trained as well. For additional information or to adopt Spencer, please email Karen at [email protected]. Located in Livonia.spencer 7:12:17

Bryan and Bridgette – Found Under a Deck

7/11/17 – These little lovebugs, Bryan and Bridgette, were recently rescued from under a deck where 3 abandoned kittens were seen by the owner. Our friend who was contacted by the owner has been unable to catch the third kitten but continues to try. Bryan and Bridgette will be vaccinated, tested, and spayed/neutered — complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Anyone interested in adopting these sweethearts should contact Karen at: [email protected]bryan and bridgette7:11:17

Miley – Found on the Streets Suffering from Heart Worm

7/10/17 – Very often we will receive requests from our rescue/shelter friends who need a little medical assistance. We received such a call from our friends at I Heart Dogs Rescue and Animal Haven. Miley was found on the streets and tested positive for heart worm. She is being treated and will be available for adoption through I Heart Dogs. We wish Miley the best in her second chance at life.miley w:i heart dogs 7:10:17

Joanna Jelsone’s Legacy Will Live On in the Animals Helped in Her Honor

7/9/17 – Dear Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you that my loving mom passed away last night while my dad was holding her hand. We had all been there earlier as well as all week. We thank you for all of your prayers and words of support. They meant a lot to my dad. The family has decided that in honor of my mom’s love and devotion to animals, we will ask our friends and family to make donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart in lieu of flowers. Her legacy will live on in the many animals who will be saved because of this. As always, donations can be made through paypal on the facebook donate link or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. Never take a day for granted. May God bless all of our friends and the animals we help. ~ dianamom and dad

Life Gets In the Way

Dear Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart, especially those who have followed us and supported us since our beginning. So many of you have become ‘facebook’ friends and, in other cases, people who I consider friends. Actually, there are too many of you to mention by name. I wanted you to know that our postings may be a little erratic in the next week or so because my mom is in her last days of life on this earth. This doesn’t mean that we are not still helping animals — yesterday we had 4 requests for help that we are working on . I ask for your prayers so that she can go in peace. She is at home under the excellent care of my super niece and RN, Elizabeth, and my dad. Tony and I are there as well as my brother, sister, and my other wonderful nieces and nephews. My mom has always loved animals and would actually take a wild boy, she named Sylvester, into her basement to clean him up and let him back out. We all used to crack up that he would tolerate that. Those were the days before we all knew about TNR. She has fed dozens of stray and feral cats over the years and had her heart broken many times when neighbors would kill them. Today mom and dad have three cats and for the first time ever, her cat, Dolce, actually jumped on her hospital bed and slept by her feet. Thank you for your prayers and your understanding. This sweet kitten, Lucky,  looks like the old Sylvester and was recently rescued and is now in a foster home. ~ diana unnamed-1

Butch – Found During Trap, Neuter, Return

7/7/17 – 4 Paws 1 Heart has several friends who conduct trap/neuter/return and, as long as we have the funds, we will medically back the cats they catch. Very often, our friends will come across domestic cats who are either lost or were abandoned by their owners. In these cases, everyone will work together to find forever homes after we pay for their medical treatment (always including spay/neuter). And, very often, kittens will be rescued during the process. Butch is one of those recently saved. Anyone interested in this sweetie should contact Roberta at: [email protected]butch w:roberta kress 6:29:17