Rosie Roo – This Old Girl Needs Your Prayers

7/14/17 – please say a little prayer for our Rosie Roo. Read her story on this website. ~ diana

“Hi everybody, its me Rosie Roo⚘
Sooo, I went to see the vet and sure got poked and prodded. I was dehydrated so I got fluids under my skin. I got a shot for my nausea and two yucky prescriptions. Mom brought a bag of my…ummm….eeewy pooee and the vet is sending it out for testing…the indignity…eeewww!!! He also wrote out for mom a whole new diet of home cooked foods for me which mom made me some tonight and I ate a little bit. We’re really, really hoping all this helps my belly. The vet says if Im not better by Monday he will want to do an ultrasound, so we really hope Im better by then. So thats all the news we have right now about me! Carla’s poo issues are a bit better today, but not as good as mom was hoping for so we had to cancel her appointment with Dr. Kern. We’re all pretty “pooped” out tonight 😉 so we’re going to go for our nitenites now. We love you all sooo much!
Big thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart for my vet visit today & Auntie Debra for taking me & mom
Sweet dreams everybody…Love, licks, purrs, woofs & mews Rosie, Chance & the Gang”rosie roo 7:13:17

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