Nala – Left Behind By Her Owners and Was Left to Live in a Basement

Her family couldn’t take her with them and she was relegated to the basement. Today she has loving parents, a grandma who loves her, and lots of room to roam. I’m so happy we could play a role in Nala’s new journey. – diana

nala 7:22:17‘Hey Team Chance, Nala checking in! Fresh from the groomers after having a nice refreshing bath on this hot, humid day! Do I look great or what?!?! I wouldnt be living this fabulous life I have now if not for 4 Paws 1 Heart & some very special friends of Chances who stepped in to help me, not to mention all of you who shared my story! Dont ya just love a Fairytale ending? Happy Saturday, stay cool out there! Love ya, Nala ❤”

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