Hitch – He Was Stuck in a Car Engine and Survived the Ride

I just thank God and all those who donated in my mom’s memory. Since Sunday, I have approved medical treatment for almost 30 cats — all in various states of health. We have and will have eye removals, severe upper respiratory infections, leg removal, hernia surgery, and, of course, just the ‘ordinary’ spay/neuter, vaccinations, and testing. Good Luck to this little cutie. That could have been a death ride. ~ diana

“Meet “Hitch” ❤️❤️ our rescue A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue received a call this morning about a lil kitten that was stuck in a car engine😢

This lil one survived the ride from PetSmart in Chesterfield where they originally saw her but where unable to locate her even with Chesterfield Police help♥️. When this morning she heard a loud crying noise and realize after parking the car in garage on Sunday this kitten had hitched a ride to her home. I went there and the Don & Carole were so helpful by jacking up the car so I could get under it and get the lil one out ( she was wedged in the bumper housing and the frame)

A huge THANK YOU to Diana Rascano from 4 Paws 1 Heart graciously stepped up to medically back lil Hitch!!!!

Hitch came out of this with not one injury !!!!! ❤️❤️

She will be up for adoption with A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue when ready !!!!! Fill out for adoption app now !!!! – Kim “Hitch w:kim miller---7:27:17hitch w:kim biller 7:27:17

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      • I’m not sure what you are asking. This is a case from 2017 and we only helped with medical bills. The kitten was rescued by and placed with A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue. We do not have animals in that we are not a rescue. Please contact them.
        Thank you,