Paisley – Rescued From a Yard

8/28/17 – Medical taken care of by 4 paws 1 heart.

paisley 8:16:17“***Adopted***
How is this gorgeous boy not adopted yet?! He is so fun and easy-going. Rescued from a backyard in Macomb in July, he is fully vetted, neutered, and combo negative. Paisley would make a great addition to any home and would be a great playmate for another kitty 😺 Available through Tigerlily Cat Rescue 😺  ‘


Josie, Fritz, Burke, Hazel, Juno, Turk, Tucker, and the Bush Babies – Found on the Streets

8/28/17 – Lives saved and now looking for forever, living homes. – diana

The first 4 are about 11 weeks old, the last 3 are 8 weeks. Please see individual photos for more deets on their personalities! If you are interested please contact me at [email protected] or message me through facebook. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of their medical!!! They will have their happily ever after because of the help from you!! Get a jump on things and fill out an application here. (After the name of the cat you are interested in please put a (Dee) after.”josie 8:6:17fritz 8:26:17burke 8:27:17hazel 8:27:17juno 8:27:17Turk 8:27:17tucker 8:6:17bush babies 8:27:17

Rachel – She Kept Crying Until the Rest of Her Babies Were Back With Her

8/27/17 – When Rachel Gerstner contacted me about the female we discussed whether an x ray would be done to determine how many babies were there and when they might be born. Who would have known that she already had her babies??? Rachel and Company went back to where mom was found and rescued 4 two-week old babies. I asked Rachel how she knew that they had found all of the babies. Rachel said that as they were finding the babies and placing them with mom, mom kept crying until the fourth one was put in the carrier. They knew the family was together at that point. Animals are truly amazing. ~ dianarachel 9:27:17rachel - 1 9:27:17

Kroger – Another Way to Help 4 Paws 1 Heart

8/27/17 – If you haven’t signed up for Kroger Community Rewards, please do!! And, when you do, select 4 Paws 1 Heart (91069) as your charity partner. In the past year, the donations from Kroger paid for 80 animals to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested. And now, we have doubled the number of households enrolled so we expect to do even better in the future. We just have to get everyone SHOPPING! Thank you to all who shop at Kroger and have enrolled. Please share with your friends. Kroger is a great community partner. ~ dianakroger

Butterscotch – Found with a Litter of Kittens During a Trap, Neuter, Return Project

Happy Beginnings for these little kitties. So many have come to us with severe injuries and severe upper respiratory infections. As you read this, please say a prayer for all of those animals (and people) in Houston that are fighting for their lives. ~ Diana

“It’s official! Michelle Poe and her loving family just adopted Donnie AKA Butterscotch Thank you Sharon Parker for giving these babies a chance. Thank you Diana Rascanoand 4Paws 1Heart for covering his medical costs. Thank you most of all to every single one of my friends, who shares my posts! If not for you these babies wouldn’t have their furever homes. Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to see this little boy grow up! – Heather”butterscotch 8:26:17


Violet – Found as a Kitten, Alone on the Street

8/26/17 – Another sweetie saved from the streets. She is looking for her forever home. Your donations save lives. -diana

“Helloooo, its me…Violet! And Im looking for my purrrrfect furever home! Im 4mo old, loving, playful, curious & a bundle of energy! Im FIV+, so would do really well with another Fiv+ kitty and I love friendly kitty loving doggys! Annnd I would do just fine with non fiv kittys, theres a series of 2 vaccines you give your kitty annually! I have all my shots and will be getting my spay next week and then I’ll be ready for my new family! Youre gonna love me, just look at this face! How can you resist me??? Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for all my vetting! If you love me & and would like to meet me please send my foster mommy an email at [email protected] or comment here. I’ll be waiting right here for you,”violet 8:26:17
Love Violet. P.S. Please share!!! Thankyou 🐱

Fritz – Was Rescued During a Trap/Neuter/Return Effort

8/26/17 – Is this guy adorable or what?? Saving lives every day. – diana

“Fritz here….I want to Thank Aunti Dee Denise Najera for shaming foster mommy into buying replacement middles for our turbo….much more cushiony to sit on! And thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for backing our medical for vacinations, fixing and whatever comes our way. Please donate – funds are low! I am also up for adoption along with my siblings….Please contact my foster mommy @ [email protected] or through Facebook!fritz 8:26:17


Jubilee – A Very Sick Kitten Rescued in the Name of a Dear Friend Who Died too Soon

8/25/17 – A very sick kitten named in memory of a very kind-hearted woman named Jubilee who unexpectedly died. This little kitten is being saved in her honor. – diana

“I would like to introduce you all to my newest rescue baby “Jubilee” she is named after my good friend and foster who just recently passed away ❤️❤️

Lil miss Jubilee showed up on the finders front porch with no mom or siblings in sight. Both her eyes have extreme infections, she is under weight and loaded with fleas. The finder did not realize kitty’s can’t have cows milk so we are also trying to cleanse her lil system out as well as treat her double eye infections ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

Jubilee is in need of donors to help with her medical as you can see in her picture she is starting her wee life off pretty rough 😢

All donations can be made directly to Diana Rascano @

Please note donation is for jubilee

We appreciate all of your prayers for lil miss Jubilee and any donations that can be made in honor of Jubilee Bonavia would be greatly appreciated ❤️❤️ – Kimjubilee 8:24:17jubilee 8:24:17 --

Sage – Left Behind When the Family Moved

8/25/17 – Meet Sage who is looking for the love and care all animals deserve. Our friend, Jo Addington was contacted about a cat ‘left behind’ when the home was vacated. When she got to the home she found two dead cats and Sage. Their owner was a heroin addict who had been living conditions that were deplorable. The toilet where Sage had been drinking from was black and the littler box was never changed. There was no evidence of food dishes and only God knows how long the animals went without food. The veterinarian thinks she is 5 or 6 years old. She is front declawed and as sweet as can be. We are thankful that we can be there for these poor souls and we pray for the former owner because we absolutely understand the horrors of drug addiction. Please share and help us find the loving home that Sage deserves. Anyone interested in Sage should contact Jo at: [email protected]~ diana

sage 8:25:17sage--8:25:17

Coco and Puff – Rescued from a Hoarder’s Home – One Kitten Lost Both Eyes

coco 8:23:17---coco8:23:17puff 8:23:17---puff 8:23:178/23/17 – These two babies were severely neglected in a house of horrors. Far too many people start off thinking that they are saving animals but end up actually being the abusers. These two were rescued by our friend, Kim Miller, who contacted us for help. Yesterday, the one baby had surgery and both eyes had to be removed. God willing, the other baby will not have to face the same fate – so far, so good. Thank You to Samantha Ann Roy, for fostering them and giving them love and a special thanks to Stephanie Howard for donating enough money to cover the medical bill. Please say a small prayer tonight for all of the abandoned, stray, and abused animals who have not had the good fortune of finding a caring human being. ~ diana

***** UPDATE ***** I am beyond overwhelmed with joy and happy tears !!!!!!! Stephanie Howard generosity is amazing !!!! Diana & I are beyond grateful to you ❤️❤️❤️these baby’s will never be neglect and in pain again !!!!

This is what happens when you NEGLECT and animal who knowingly had an URI and infected eye !!!!!

Both her eyes had to be removed which was not expected !!!!
Her sisters eyes are improving very slowly

Thank you to Ariel Dolby-Criger for temporarily caring for them and being such a great foster mommy

Thank you to Samantha Ann Roy for stepping up and taking these baby’s when no one else would ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I know they will be in great care !!!!!

If you could help by making a donation directly to Diana Rascano & I would greatly appreciate it !!!!!
Please make donations in the names of Cocoa & Puff ❤️❤️

I am aiming to reach 500.00 goal

As we all know there will be follow up care as well!!!

THANK YOU !!!!! ` Kim”