Maui, Muana, and Penelope – Kittens Found in a Cat Community

8/12/17 – 4 Paws 1 Heart has been assisting a caring 80+ year old who has been caring for a cat community for many, many years. As hard as she has tried, every so often a kitten will show up. Knowing she will take care of the cats, many people in the neighborhood, will also ‘dump’ their cats at her home. We have helped this wonderful woman with donated food and, of course, medical treatment which always includes spay/neuter. Maui, Muana, and Penelope are three of such babies recently discovered and placed with our friend, Patricia B. Anyone interested in adopting these sweeties, should contact: [email protected]maui 8:12:17muana 8:12:17penelope 8:12:17

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