Coda – Rescued from the Streets; Tested Heart Worm Positive

9/4/17 Update – Unfortunately Coda died in an accident.  May he rest in peace. ~ diana

coda w:harry gordon 7:21:178/13/17 – I know I’ve already said this, but the overwhelming need continues. This is Coda. He was rescued from the street in July. We approved having him neutered, vaccinated, and tested. Unfortunately, it turns out that he is positive for heart worm. We will pay for the heart worm treatment but it is always a dilemma as to whether a heart worm positive dog should be spayed/neutered until he/she is heart worm free. Anyone familiar with dogs understands that behavior is very different when an animal is intact and finding a foster/rescue for an intact animal can be very difficult. Coda’s rescuer decided to have Coda neutered and he is doing well. Coda will start the 30-day pre-heart worm treatment. Anyone interested in Coda should contact . ~ diana

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