Sweet Jack – Rescued From the Street With a Severe Eye Issue

7/30/17 – This summer has been overwhelming with the number of dogs and cats needing help. And, not just spay/neuter and vaccines. Serious issues, such as heart worm, upper respiratory infections, limb removals, eye removals. In the past seven years we have helped over 4,000 animals and just because of the “nature of the beast”, we are once again in the position of taking care of an overwhelmingly number of cats. Over the next few days, I will be sharing their stories. This is Sweet Jack. He was rescued by one of the rescue organizations with whom we work. We covered his initial vet visit where it was determined that he has extra tissue under his eye. He will be scheduled to see a specialist and we pray that we will be able to help this sweetheart. ~ dianasweet jack 7:30:17

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