Twinkles, Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto, Cleo, and Figaro – Born in a Closet

8/8/17 – Two weeks ago I received an e-mail from a person we’ve assisted in the past and who cares for a cat community with our Board member, Dee G. Andra was made aware of a situation where 5 kittens were born in a person’s closet and the homeowner was threatening to throw out the 5-week old kittens. One kitten’s leg was deformed and fur was already missing because of him dragging the leg. Hard to believe, but this person didn’t even know for two weeks that the kittens had even been born. As those of you who follow us know, this past two weeks have been filled with numerous requests to help homeless kittens — many of whom were very sick. Many contacts were made without success until our two Board members, Dee and Angela, offered to help. I have to say that both members already have their own animals to care for and Dee and her husband have not only their pets but are fostering kittens they recently trapped. Nonetheless, these babies have been saved!!! Dee has Twinkles who is the little guy with a deformed/broken leg. Angela advised that one of the four she is fostering may also have a deformed/injured leg so both of them will be taken to the vet this week. Of course, everyone is going to be seen by the vet to be vaccinated and spayed/neutered when appropriate. The mother cat is being taken by Andra to be spayed. She has already spayed/neutered this person’s other cats. Please say a little prayer for this family. 4 Paws 1 Heart is so fortunate to have such caring Board members as well as supporters who make our support possible. Here is (in order) Twinkles, Jiminy Cricket, GeppetwinklesJiminy CricketGeppetto 8:8:17Cleo 8:8:17figaro 8:8:17tto, Cleo, and Figaro. PM me if you are interested in adopting these lovlies. ~ diana

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