Mikey and Zorro – Rescued in a Cat Community

8/19/17 – Happy New Beginnings

“On to MORE good news, Mikey and Zorro aka Charlie and Frankie are with their new Mom Heather Ann! These boys definitely know who their mom is and purred like crazy the moment we brought them back to their home! Couldn’t be happier for you three. Thank you to Charlotte Yakima for trapping these guys and for giving them a chance. I was worried about Zorro for a moment, because he was scared and lashing out when we got him. Now he’s the biggest lover ever. Love is all they need and they’ll thrive. Here’s proof! Thank you to Diana Rascano and 4Paws 1Heart for covering their medical bills. Once again thank you to anyone who shares my posts. Your selflessness is not unnoticed. It takes a village and if you look at these happy boys and happy lady, you’ll see why! Thank you! Heather, thank you for choosing to adopt. Heathermikey and zorro 8:19:17Mikeymikey and zorro

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