Donnie – Found on the Streets With a Groin Injury

10/11/17 – First let me apologize if you are a ‘dog’ person only. Trust me when I say that we do not discriminate! It’s just that the need for cats have been greater than any of the years 4 Paws 1 Heart has been in existence. So, please understand that you will be seeing many postings regarding the cats and kittens we have helped. A life is a life and your donations make these miracles happen.

This is Donnie. Donnie was found on the streets with significant swelling near his groin. The rescuer, Heather, contacted us to see if we could assist; of course we did. Donnie was seen and the swelling was full of pus. It was drained and Donnie went home with a collar and will be just fine. Again, I just can’t imagine what these poor animals would go through on the streets without the help of the caring rescuers and the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Anyone interested in this cutie should contact Heather at: [email protected] ~ dianadonnie 10:11:17

Sabrina – Pulled From a Shelter and Required Several Days of Hospitalization

10/9/17 – Sabrina was one of two cats pulled from a shelter. Her body temperature was at 94 degrees and she needed immediate medical help. She required transfusions and hospitalization. We were contacted by our friends at Angels for Animals and assisted with Sabrina’s medical bill. Sabrina is doing well today. If you are interested in this sweetheart, please contact Erin at: [email protected]sabrina 10:9:17

Mama Nicole, Chica, Sundae, Cream Soda, Chico, Curtis, Naomi – Found In a Thunderstorm

10/9/17 – Mama Nicole is still looking for her forever home or a rescue that can help find her love for the rest of her life. Her six babies are all together with our friend, Heather Stern, and are living the life until they can find their forever homes. You might remember that about 6 weeks ago I received a call from one of the veterinary clinics we work with. The manager advised that her cousin had found six 4-week old babies and a mom during a horrendous thunderstorm. The six babies were brought inside, soaked and covered with fleas. The rescuers were unable to bring mom inside though she remained on the porch crying for her babies. The next day, the mom was brought in and everyone was taken to the vet where they were tested and treated for fleas/parasites. We then found a foster who took in the family and gave them shelter, food, and love. The babies have thrived and everyone has been neutered/spayed and vaccinated. If you can help Mama Nicole, who you can see is still just a little girl, please contact Maryann at: [email protected]. If you are interested in adopting the babies, contact Heather at: [email protected]nicole 10:4:17chica 10:9:17chico 10:9:17curtis 10:9:27cream soda 10:9:17naomi 10:9:17 sundae 10:9:17

Mickey – Found on the Streets Completely Blind – In His Forever Home

10/8/17 -Get the tissues ready. This is truly what it is all about. Thank You, Stacey Krahe Jerome and Barbara for saving Mickey. May God Bless all of you. ~ diana

“If you’re here looking for a pet to adopt then I feel you’re making the right decision.
A year ago in March I was on adopt a pet looking for a kitten. I had it pictured in my mind exactly what kind I wanted. The ones with the flat face and perfectly cute. Then I received an email about a kitten who had been abused and lost an eye in the process. At first I felt bad for it but still I wanted the perfect kitten. I have a disease with no cure that leaves scars. One night I started thinking about the letter and it hit me what if no one ever wanted me again because I wasn’t pretty anymore even though I do show lots of love and respect to others. Short story I wrote Stacy a letter pleading for this kitten and I got her. She is completely blind but gets around perfect and is the best pet I’ve ever had. She sleeps with me every night on the second floor she found herself. She never gets on top of the counters and plays fetch better than my two labs. She is so beautiful and for the rest of my life I’ll be adopting. She almost didn’t make it. Thank God she did. Please consider adoption and give the animal a chance.~ Barbara”mickey 10:8:17

Finley – Covered With Fleas and Very Emaciated

finley 10:7:17finley 1 10:7:17finley 2 10:7:1710/7/17 – Finley walked up to a home looking for help. He was filled with fleas and very emaciated. We immediately authorized for him to be seen by one of our vets. Finley needed fluids and flea treatment. Left untreated, fleas will “suck” everything out of an animal’s body. He’s been cared for by one of our dedicated rescue friends and now look at the difference. Finley will soon be ready to go to his foster. If anyone is interested in adopting this sweetie, please contact Jo at: [email protected]

Rosie Roo Celebrates Her One Year “Gotcha Day”

“Gooood morning Team! Its me Rosie Roo⚘ WoooooHooooo!!!! Its my 1yr Gotcha Day!!!!
It was one year ago today I came to live with Mom, Aunt Shelly and Chance & the Gang! Mom saw my pic on Facebook someone had posted they had found a dog and the dog was going to Animal Control. I was horribly matted, could barely walk from my nails being so long, my teeth were rotting! Mom sent that pic to Auntie Di with a simple message “Please call me” Well of course Auntie Di called right away. Mom told her I feel so bad, this dog is suffering. Shes old and wont do well in a shelter. Auntie Di said “If you can get her, get her! 4 Paws 1 Heart will be there for her.” And here I am 1 yr later! Thanks to 4p1h I got 22 rotted & infected teeth pulled, got all my vaccines, have had lots of vet visits for various ailments, but here I am now! Im a treasured member of the Gang, and a beloved little jewel in our family. I get good homecooked food, regular grooming, treats, toys, soft beds, tons of kisses and all the love in the world. Im approximately 16yrs old now and thanks to a wonderful aco officer, 4 Paws 1 Heart, lots of loving caring people and my loving family…Im living the dream! WoooooHooooo!!! Its my Gotcha Day!!! ~ Chance”Rosie Roo 10:6:17

2017 – Kittens Found on the Streets – Donations Needed

10/6/17 – More of the many cats/kittens who we have been helping with spay/neuter, vaccines, testing, and flea/parasite treatment. Your donations make this possible. This has truly been a year of heart worm treatment, leg amputations, eye removals, and “just the general needs” of abandoned animals. If you can afford it, please consider making a donation through paypal on this page or our website,, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080. These kitties will be available through SCS Happy Tails, one of the many rescue groups we are happy to assist with medical needs. There are actually six kittens in all.~ diana

Alanda kittens 10:6:17alanda 2 10:6:17Alanda 3 10:6:17Alanda 4 10:6:17alanda 5 10:6:17alanda 6 10:6:17

Frank Castle and John – Found With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

10/6/17 – Lives saved with donations and support from our friends! ~ dianafrank castle 10:5:17John 10:5:17

“GRAPHIC: Their eyes still look bad, but believe it or not they look MUCH better and the swelling is going down! They’re purring and FINALLY eating (not on their own, but it’s still better than not at all). These little boys are so patient and sweet. I can’t wait for them to open their eyes and finally get to be happy boys. These boys are going to be VERY loving and we’ll want to keep them together. Thank you for your prayers and we’ll update you asap. Lori Shafer Diana Rascano they’re improving! – Heather”

Tiger – Happy Update

I’m happy to report that Tiger is finally in her forever home. 🙂 she was initially found living in a DTE warehouse for the first six months of her life. The guys were taking care of her regularly, but she couldn’t stay. I was fostering her while she was looking for a new tiger 10:5:17tiger 8:23:17 --family. It took a few months, but here she is happy as can be 🙂 thank you all for sharing. Gina