Bones – Very Ill and Rescued by a Homeless Person

8/18/17 – Please pray for Bones. He was rescued by a homeless person last Saturday morning at around 1 am. Erica called me later in the morning and Bones was taken to the emergency hospital. He was treated there and then Erica took him home to nurse him. She has done a phenomenal job but the upper respiratory infection was just too severe to save his eye. I can’t praise enough, people like Erica, who drop everything for these poor sick animals. May God bless them all.- diana

 8/18/17 – **bones is out of surgery & is doing well he’s home & sleeping off the meds** – Erica”

“Bones update.. eye is coming out, we’ve done all we could to save it, he’ll be feeling much better without it & I have a feeling it won’t be slowing him down one bit! He’s eating great & has an increasing appitie not doing fluids on his own quite yet but aside from that eye he’s doing good! Please please please consider making a donation to 4paws1heart who is paying for his medical – Erica”

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