Jubilee – A Very Sick Kitten Rescued in the Name of a Dear Friend Who Died too Soon

8/25/17 – A very sick kitten named in memory of a very kind-hearted woman named Jubilee who unexpectedly died. This little kitten is being saved in her honor. – diana

“I would like to introduce you all to my newest rescue baby “Jubilee” she is named after my good friend and foster who just recently passed away ❤️❤️

Lil miss Jubilee showed up on the finders front porch with no mom or siblings in sight. Both her eyes have extreme infections, she is under weight and loaded with fleas. The finder did not realize kitty’s can’t have cows milk so we are also trying to cleanse her lil system out as well as treat her double eye infections ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

Jubilee is in need of donors to help with her medical as you can see in her picture she is starting her wee life off pretty rough 😢

All donations can be made directly to Diana Rascano @

Please note donation is for jubilee

We appreciate all of your prayers for lil miss Jubilee and any donations that can be made in honor of Jubilee Bonavia would be greatly appreciated ❤️❤️ – Kimjubilee 8:24:17jubilee 8:24:17 --

Sage – Left Behind When the Family Moved

8/25/17 – Meet Sage who is looking for the love and care all animals deserve. Our friend, Jo Addington was contacted about a cat ‘left behind’ when the home was vacated. When she got to the home she found two dead cats and Sage. Their owner was a heroin addict who had been living conditions that were deplorable. The toilet where Sage had been drinking from was black and the littler box was never changed. There was no evidence of food dishes and only God knows how long the animals went without food. The veterinarian thinks she is 5 or 6 years old. She is front declawed and as sweet as can be. We are thankful that we can be there for these poor souls and we pray for the former owner because we absolutely understand the horrors of drug addiction. Please share and help us find the loving home that Sage deserves. Anyone interested in Sage should contact Jo at: [email protected]~ diana

sage 8:25:17sage--8:25:17

Coco and Puff – Rescued from a Hoarder’s Home – One Kitten Lost Both Eyes

coco 8:23:17---coco8:23:17puff 8:23:17---puff 8:23:178/23/17 – These two babies were severely neglected in a house of horrors. Far too many people start off thinking that they are saving animals but end up actually being the abusers. These two were rescued by our friend, Kim Miller, who contacted us for help. Yesterday, the one baby had surgery and both eyes had to be removed. God willing, the other baby will not have to face the same fate – so far, so good. Thank You to Samantha Ann Roy, for fostering them and giving them love and a special thanks to Stephanie Howard for donating enough money to cover the medical bill. Please say a small prayer tonight for all of the abandoned, stray, and abused animals who have not had the good fortune of finding a caring human being. ~ diana

***** UPDATE ***** I am beyond overwhelmed with joy and happy tears !!!!!!! Stephanie Howard generosity is amazing !!!! Diana & I are beyond grateful to you ❤️❤️❤️these baby’s will never be neglect and in pain again !!!!

This is what happens when you NEGLECT and animal who knowingly had an URI and infected eye !!!!!

Both her eyes had to be removed which was not expected !!!!
Her sisters eyes are improving very slowly

Thank you to Ariel Dolby-Criger for temporarily caring for them and being such a great foster mommy

Thank you to Samantha Ann Roy for stepping up and taking these baby’s when no one else would ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I know they will be in great care !!!!!

If you could help by making a donation directly to www.4paws1heart.org Diana Rascano & I would greatly appreciate it !!!!!
Please make donations in the names of Cocoa & Puff ❤️❤️

I am aiming to reach 500.00 goal

As we all know there will be follow up care as well!!!

THANK YOU !!!!! ` Kim”

Tiger – Was Turned into a Veterinary Hospital

8/23/17 – Meet Tiger – tiger 8:23:17 --tiger 8:23:17I’m looking for a home or a foster home for this little kitty that I have been fostering for about 5 weeks. 4 paws Paws 1 heart has had her checked her out and she is a healthy little girl. She is nervous at first, but she warms up fast. She is about 6 months old. Please email me for more information or an application. [email protected]

Bip, Kip, and Pip – Found Wandering the Streets; Pip Had a Hernia Requiring Surgery

Bip 8:22:17Kip 8:22:17pip 8:22:178/222/17 – Meet Bip, Kip, and Pip. They were all rescued from the street and will be ready for adoption as soon as they are spayed/neutered, tested, and vaccinated this week. Also, please say a little prayer for Pip (black with some white) because he will be having hernia surgery this Thursday. Anyone interested in adopting these cuties should contact [email protected] Please remember that we can’t continue to help these animals without your donations and support for our fundraisers. If you can, your donation would be much appreciated. Just use the link on this page or our website: 4paws1heart.org or mail a check to P.O.Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080 . THANK YOU, diana

Nicko – Found, Heart Worm Positive, by a Caring Tow Truck Driver

8/16/17 – A caring tow-truck driver found Nicko roaming the street. Because the Michigan Humane Society was closed that day, he took her home. It didn’t take long for the family to get attached to her. Attempts were made to find an owner without success. The family decided to make Nicko their new family member and brought her to the vet to be spayed/vaccinated/tested. unfortunately, Nicko was found to be heart worm positive. The rescuer asked for our help so that they could give Nicko a happy, loving home. Nicko started her heart worm treatment on August 3 with one of our favorite veterinaries — Five Mile Animal Hospital. Another life saved. ~ diananicko 8:21:17nicko 8:21:17---

Jade – Found and Rescued from a Cat Community

8/20/17 – Could this sweetie have better looking markings? I am so thankful that we have been able to make a difference in so many lives. Please share and help find Jade her forever family. – diana

“Jade has been our most challenging foster yet! But don’t let that deter you. While she was very illusive and scared, she’s never been aggressive. As you can see she’s getting MUCH better. She’s shy and VERY quiet. Jade is a cat who’d be good for older cats, as she’s not very hyper or active. She likes to play, but she doesn’t get overzealous. For the first two weeks we had her, we didn’t really see her. Then one day she decided she’d be OK with us seeing her. Then she became OK with us walking close. Now, she’s just fine with us showing her some love. I think Jade will only continue to progress. Thanks to Diana Rascano and 4Paws 1Heart, she’s fully vetted and ready to go. Thank you Charlotte Yakima for trapping this illusive cat (took Charlotte several tries to catch this clever girl) and giving her a chance. If you’re interested in Jade please reach out. 248-404-8482 Help us in finding her a furever home, PLEASE SHARE! – Heather”

Leo – Found and Rescued in a Cat Community

8/20/17 – Another life saved but still looking for his forever home. A huge thanks to Heather for taking in these sweeties and finding them families. – diana

leo 8:20:17leo 8:20:17***“What a remarkable transformation. Leo can’t to us scared. He would hide and cower when we’d try to pet him. He has never aggressive, just very fearful. Now, he’s a bundle of love. He’s still learning how to be a snuggle bunny, but he’s learning. For now he’s content purring and weaving himself in between your feet/legs. He loves to be held, but hasn’t found the courage to jump up in your lap… Yet! Leo is sweet natured and gets along with everyone, people, dogs and cats alike. He’s fully vetted and ready to go, thanks to Diana Rascano and 4Paws 1Heart. If you’re interested in giving Leo a chance, please reach out. 248-404-8482 Ask me about our very effective weekend program. Thank you to Charlotte Yakima for trapping this guy and giving him a chance. As always PLEASE SHARE and together let’s find this boy a home! – Heather”

Mom & Kittens – Found With Upper Respiratory Infections and Flea Infested

8/20/17 – It’s All About Making a Difference ~ diana

“At the vet with these fur balls. Born outside to a feral mom. Mom has been spayed and vaccinated, flea treated and dewormed. Kittens appear to have upper respiratory infection and will be getting meds today, including flea prevention and dewormer. This shows how collaboration saves lives!! No more unwanted litters, no more sick babies struggling to survive on the streets. A huge THANK YOU to all involved. It truly does take a village. Without the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart Brooke Alexandra Melanie Strasser Snow and Alisha Shann these babies would still be lingering outside untreated. Everyone has something they can do to contribute. Everyone can DO something!! Please help however you can! Together we can make miracles happen!! Adopt, foster, volunteer, educate, transport, donate!! It only takes a small act of kindness to change the circumstances of so many! On to the good life little ones! So glad to be a part of such a strong village of the most caring and compassionate individuals. Make a difference in the life of an animal in need today! Every little bit makes a huge difference!! Much love to those who work tirelessly each and every day to make a difference. Amber”amber price kittens 8:18:17