Nicko – Found, Heart Worm Positive, by a Caring Tow Truck Driver

8/16/17 – A caring tow-truck driver found Nicko roaming the street. Because the Michigan Humane Society was closed that day, he took her home. It didn’t take long for the family to get attached to her. Attempts were made to find an owner without success. The family decided to make Nicko their new family member and brought her to the vet to be spayed/vaccinated/tested. unfortunately, Nicko was found to be heart worm positive. The rescuer asked for our help so that they could give Nicko a happy, loving home. Nicko started her heart worm treatment on August 3 with one of our favorite veterinaries — Five Mile Animal Hospital. Another life saved. ~ diananicko 8:21:17nicko 8:21:17---

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