Alphie – Found During a Trap/Neuter/Return Effort

9/16/17 – Please share and help this handsome boy get his purrfect home. – diana

“Yum- I just ate my Foster Mommy’s fingers…they taste like chicken! alphie 9:15:17alphie 9:17:17Hi Facebook…I’m Alphie! or as my foster parents call me…”Crazy”. I think it’s becauseI’m crazy handsome.
They also call me “Unique” – and I think that is because of my unique coloring….or maybe because I can unique up on you…get hahaha – I’m also very funny…And I’m also going to be up for adoption. I’m only 7-8 weeks old…and next Friday I get to go on an adventure to see the vet, then a few weeks later I will be fixed – what needs to be fixed???? can’t they see I’m purr-fect???? But a big thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heartfor sponsering my medical. Rosa Nill-Malburg for helping to save me! If you are interested in me coming to your house to live forever, contact my foster mommy through facebook or

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