Romeo – His Mom Died and Wasn’t Found for Days; Happy Update

10/3/17 – Another happy update in light of the evil Las Vegas Romeo 10:3:17carnage of this weekend. May God Bless you little man and your family. Romeo’s story was one of the saddest. – Aunt Di

“Good morning Team Chance! Look who we heard from this morning…Romeo!!!! His mom says “Denise Najera, I think we should change his name from Romeo to Fatty!”
For those who dont know about Romeo, a couple years ago we got a call from an apartment manager who told us Romeo’s human passed away and nobody knew she had a cat until maintenance workers were working on the apartment weeks later. Romeo had crawled in a hole in the wall and been stuck in there for 2wks!!! Mom & Auntie Debra literally had to cut the wall open to get him out!!! He was emaciated, dehydrated & had given up. He was rushed to the emergency vet and thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart he was admitted twice in 2 week and recieved the life saving treatment he needed. After a few weeks at our house to heal his body & spirit he was adopted in to a wonderful loving home with Kelly and her daughter Melanie and is totally loved & spoiled Great to see you Romeo, we love you!!!! ~ Chance”

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