Eddie – Was Left Behind by His Owners and Tested Positive for Feline Leukemia

10/30/17 – eddie -- 10:20:17 eddie 10:30:17This is Eddie. As has happened too often this year, he was left behind by his family. He is very loving and was being fed by a loving neighbor who we’ve helped in the past with 7 feral cats who she had been feeding. The neighbor contacted Chance’s mom and offered to match all donations up to $500 because of her belief in the work we do. She also asked Chance’s mom to help in finding Eddie find a forever or foster home. As a former inside cat, Eddie, would not be able to survive a cruel, brutal winter. We will be using some of the donations to get Eddie neutered, vaccinated, tested, and treated for parasites.
Although I am still trying to catch up on reporting about all of the animals we have helped this past summer and early Fall, we continue to get requests for help. Because of serious injuries and illnesses, I have had to put 4p1h on medical hold twice in the past few months which has not been the case in 7 years. The number of abandoned and abused cats this year has truly been overwhelming and, as my husband says, unless you’ve been lucky enough to have ‘served’ a cat, you don’t know how wonderful they are as loving pets.
Thank you to all of the many supporters and friends who help us make a difference in our communities. With much love and respect. ~ diana
P.S. I just learned that a great friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart will be fostering Eddie. He is now inside and will see a vet on Monday and after a little while will be up for adoption. I will keep everyone updated. ~ diana

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