Knuckie, Blackie, and Boo – The Many Cats Left Behind by Their Owners

10/22/17 – I know you’ve seen manyy kittens/cats this year. There have been many sad endings, but, fortunately, there were more happy beginnings. As a cat mom for 38 years, I just don’t know why people believe cats are expendable. They won’t neuter or spay and then they will throw them out of their home or leave them behind to fend for themselves when they move. Talk to any real estate gent and ask them how many times they have come across a home where the cats were left behind in the home. And, this is being done by people who allegedly like cats! Those who don’t ‘like’ cats, mostly driven by the movies and superstitions, ignore them — or worse — torture them. Here are more of the kittens and cats, we helped this past summer who were rescued by some of the wonderful, caring people who often come to us for help. Thank You again for anything you can do to help us in our mission. ~ diana

Knuckie 10:22:17blackie 10:22:17boo 10:22:17
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