Aidan- Left on a Porch with a Severe Infection in the Frigid Cold

12/4/17 – I know there will be a special place in the hereafter for those who make a difference in the lives of the abandoned and abused BUT I also pray there is a special place in hell for those who abuse and neglect the most vulnerable in our society — whether they be children, our elderly, or our four-legged companions. This is Aidan and here is the e mail I received from an individual rescuer whom we’ve helped in the past.

“Hi Diana!
I desperately need your help. There was a black cat “left” on my porch tonight. I believe it’s a neutered boy and he’s in awful shape. He is malnourished and sick. We have warmed him up and gave him food and water. He is having a terrible time breathing and does this gag/choking cough thing. He’s almost done to bones. His eyes are crusty and runny as is his nose. I am positive he needs an antibiotic.
I asked my neighbors if they saw anyone dump this lil guy and they said a dark small car stopped after dinner but we were not at home and we didn’t see him when we finally got home. Just heard meowing as I was going to get the mail.
I hope and pray you can help this one too. – Karen”

UPDATE: Because of our supporters we were able to help and here is the report from the vet visit:
“He has a URI with a fever of 105.4. His breathing is bad. He also had fleas. Because a lot of his symptoms mirrored FELV he was combo tested and luckily came back negative. He was given an injection of an antibiotic for a jump start and was given CapStar and Revolution. I had the vet write a prescription for the Amoxicillin that I filled for free at Meijer. 🙂 The vet thinks he’s 2-3 years old but only weighs 4.6 pounds. You can smell the infection. What an awful smell but I promise you he’s in great hands and we will do everything possible to get him well again. My kids have always been wonderful with our fosters and this one hit us very hard after seeing how bad he was. Rest assured Aidan will get all of his meds and lots of love and snuggles.
I cannot thank you enough for once again helping me to help another fur baby.
The lil guy is snuggled up under my chin as I type this and is just so affectionate and sweet.
God Bless you Diana. Enjoy your weekend and again many many thanks!🐈
Karen, Emily, Joey and Aidan”

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