Hanky – An Outside ‘Feral’ Kitty Turns Out to be Not Feral

2/1/17 – As the frigid winter weather approaches, I am so very thankful for the many caring people who have become an integral part of our mission. Diane W. is one of those people who we’ve helped on several occasions when she refused to turn her back on an animal in need. Diane W. recently sent me the following:
“Hello, Diana –
My feral outside kitty, Hanky, who I have been feeding since Spring has recently come to my attention that he is friendly!! He trusts me now and only wants love, love, love, and meows the whole time!! He would actually walk in the house if I let him.
I would. too, if my husband wasn’t so against it. I’ve been so sad because I’ve been looking for a foster for two months. And now my wish finally came true!!! I know he is not fixed or declawed.
I’m trapping him early Monday morning and taking him to All About Animals. I’m hoping you can help with the vet visit to get him tested, vaccinated, and neutered.
The next day I will get him over to his foster.
Thank you so much for your help!!! I’m so happy with tears of joy!! – Diane”

We were thrilled to get another animal off the street and Hanky came through his vet visit with flying colors. Paws crossed that this very sweet boy will find the love he deserves for the rest of his life. ~ dianahanky 12:1:17hanky ---12:1:17hanky 12:1:17--

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