Jacob – A Young Man Chooses to Perform an Act of Kindness

12/14/17 – Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to our many supporters. Jacob has restored my faith in young people and humanity. He started off with a goal of collecting donations and cans/bottles that would allow him to donate $500 to 4 Paws 1 Heart. BUT, the whole town of Armada, MI came together to support this 12 year old young man. At this time, he has surpassed $1,000 and he and his family have collected hundreds of pounds in dog and cat food and supplies. May God Bless Jacob and his family and all of the good, caring people of Armada for their generosity. Many animals will be helped because of their generosity and many bellies will be full for the holidays. www.gofundme.com/jacobs-act-of-kindness-fundraiser

Simon – Unable to Use His Back Legs But He Kept Getting Thrown Outside

12/13/17 – Please don’t forget that all donations, up to $2,000, made between now and Christmas will be matched by our generous 4p1h supporter. It’s only with your support that can we continue to make a difference in the lives of so many.
This is Simon. This past Monday night during a blizzard and below freezing temperatures, I received the following message:

“My mothers roommate found a kitten a couple months ago on the side of the road. It’s back legs have not worked well and he has difficulty getting in the litter box. About a month ago her roommate threw the cat outside in the cold. My mom went out and brought it back inside and brought it into her room and started to care for it. Yesterday my mother was in a rush to get to work and when she locked her room’s door, she thought she had the cat inside the room. Apparently, he had gotten out of the room right before she locked her door. While my mom was at work her roommate said the kitten peed on the carpet and she threw the kitten outside in the cold for 3 hours before my cousin came by and was told what happened. He made them bring the cat in but all they did was put him in a carrier, and didn’t dry him off or warm him up. My mom was irate when she got home and a large argument ensued. They will no longer allow her to keep him as she is just renting a room in the home and her roommates father owns the home. Would you be able to take him, or know of any other organizations that could as she is afraid to bring it to the humane society as he’d most likely be put down. I don’t live with my mom and I gave her a ride to work today. That’s when she told me about the ordeal. She was going to have to take it to the humane society tomorrow so I figured i’d look around first for an organization that might take him as he is super super sweet and just sits in my moms lap and purrs most of the time. Thank you.”

Well, although I informed the son that we are not a rescue, I couldn’t turn my back. The thought of a kitten, unable to walk properly, being thrown out in the snow and cold was more than I could handle. I contacted our phenomenal rescue friend, Jo Addington, and, without missing a beat, she told me that if the cat could be transported, she would take in the kitten. Within a few hours, the kitten was saved and brought to Jo’s loving arms. Jo said that the kitten just wanted to lay on her lap and purred the entire time. He definitely may have a neurological issue because he does just drag his back legs although he works hard to use the litter box. Can you imagine a sweet kitten unable to easily move around being thrown out in the snow and cold???? As always, we are now committed to Simon and he will see a vet asap and we will take it from there and let all of you know what the doctor says. ~ dianasimon w:chris and jo addington 12:13:17

Agatha – Sweet, Emaciated, and Heart Worm Positive – Brought Into a High Kill Shelter

12/12/17 – More prayers needed for this very sweet, emaciated, heart worm positive dog who was brought in to a local, high-kill where she would have been killed. Agatha had obviously recently given birth but there was no word as to what happened to the puppies. We were contacted by a good rescue friend of 4p1h and asked if we could pay for the heart worm treatment if a rescue group pulled her from the shelter. And, because of the generosity of our supporters, we were able to say ‘yes’. Agatha is now with Make A difference animal rescue. ~ dianaagatha 12:12:17

Pikachu – Found With a large Wound and a Severe Infection

pikachu 12:11:1712/11/17 – What would happen to the abandoned and abused without YOU! Another generous, long-time supporter has offered to match up to $2,000 in donations between now and Christmas. So, for that person who has everything, please consider giving him/her the gift of life.
Pikachu is one of God’s creatures who will have a better, pain-free, life because of the kindness and love of a young woman, Brittany, and the medical funding available through 4 Paws 1 Heart. Pikachu was found outside a burned out building. He had a large open sore on his neck and his eye was very badly infected. Brittany took Pikachu to a veterinary hospital where she could only afford the visit and antibiotics but the concern was that Pikachu would have to have an eye removed. Brittany contacted us and we sent Pikachu to one of our favorite doctors and it was determined that the eye would need removal. Pikachu is scheduled today to have the surgery, which will include his neutering. Please say a little prayer for his total recovery.
Donations can be made by using the ‘donations’ link on the left side of this page; on our website: 4paws1heart.org; or, by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080
If your donation is a gift, I will gladly send you or the giftee a “Christmas acknowledgement”. Just let me know. Thank YOU, diana

Michael – He Was Near Death When He Was Found

12/9/17 – Another life saved. Now to find him his forever home. – diana

This is Michael. He was rescued after being dumped by his owners. He had a hugh abscess and eye infections when we found him, Thanks to 4 paws 1 heart he was vetted and is now very healthy. Michael is a very sweet layed back guy that loves to talk to you and he is looking for his forever home. Please share. He is located in Harrison township. [email protected]michael 12:9:17

Chance (II) – Found in a Cat Community With a Large Wound in His Neck

12/8/17 – Chance (II) chance II 12:8:17was found in a cat community at just two months old. He had a open wound across his neck about the size of a fifty cent piece. With the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart, Chance was taken to a veterinary hospital where he was treated for the wound and a severe flea infestation. At the same time, what appeared to be a littermate, was also rescued and vetted. Leo and Chance are now in their forever home and here is the happy update from the rescuer, Elissa.
I just wanted to give you guys an update on Chance & Leo. They have been rehomed together to a wonderful family in the Riverview area. The family had recently lost their cat to kidney disease and the children were devastated. Chance & Leo immediately lifted the spirits in the home, and have since settled in very well. They were rehomed the week before Halloween, and I received an update just a few days ago that everything is going great and the family is very happy with the two of them. Thanks you guys again for all of the help with Chance’s surgery and their posting on PetFinder. This wouldn’t have been possible without you! Words can’t express how grateful I am, and I know Chance & Leo are too! Attached are a couple pictures of Chance & Leo in their new home. 🙂 Elissa”

Miko – The Only Mom He Knew Went Into Hospice

12/7/17 – miko 12:7:17The only mom Miko knew went into hospice. The daughter could not keep him because her husband is very allergic to cats. Miko found his way to senior foster mom and board member Cynthia. He was doing great for a week and then stopped eating. Through 4 paws 1 heart Miko was seen by a veterinarian, and being a senior of 16 years, he is healthy but had a fever and was very stressed. He was put on medication to help him regain his appetite as well as antibiotics.Thankfully he started eating on his own. Seniors are very sensitive to changes in their environment.

Old Man – At Ten Years Old He Was Found Wandering Outside, Emaciated and Sick

12/7/17 – This 10 year old cat was found wandering outside. He was emaciated and had a severe upper respiratory infection and pneumonia. The rescue named him Old Man. Old Man spent days in the hospital and we are all praying that he recovers and can find a loving home in which to spend the rest of his life. We were happy to help with his bill. Anyone interested in this senior should contact Lisa at: [email protected]old man 12:7:17

Carter – Found in a Feral Cat Community – Desperately Looking For Food

carter 11:29:17 w:jo addingtoncarter w:deb nelson 11:28:1712/5/17 – While a young woman was feeding a cat community, she came across this very friendly cat who was looking for food. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, an owner could not be found. He sat on his rescuer’s lap for the entire trip to his temporary home. Carter has been tested, vaccinated, and neutered and is now looking for a forever home. Please contact Jo at: [email protected] if you would like to make him your forever buddy. ~ diana