Little One – Found In Below Freezing Temperatures; Back Legs Frozen

1/4/18 – Two days ago I received another message about a cat found frozen on the side of the road. Here is the message:
“My name is Jamie. I found a cat this morning on the side of the road. Looks full grown but under weight. I brought it in my work. It’s back legs work but not fully. The baby came right to me when I grabbed her. Didn’t yell at all. So I don’t think she’s feral for sure. Poor baby had icicles hanging from her/his whiskers . I don’t know what to do. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.”
Jamie later told me that she was able to get an appointment at one of the veterinary clinics we, fortunately, work with so I made the call to authorize payment for the visit. After examination, the doctor thought that the ‘leg issue’ could be a result of being frostbite. Yesterday I received an update that Little One’s legs seem to be “working better”. She finally urinated on her own and is eating good. Little One wants a lot of attention and loves to be on Jamie’s lap being rocked. Although Jamie would love to keep Little One, her cat isn’t too happy right now plus the family just moved to a new house, which I’m sure is causing stress for the family’s cat. We will definitely pay for Little One to be spayed and vaccinated once she is a little healthier and we will have her lets examined again. If anyone is interested in this sweetie, please contact Jamie at: [email protected] ~ diana
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