Regal – RIP Sweet Baby – Wish We Could Have Saved You

1/3/17 – RIP Sweet Regal. May you be free from pain and whole again.
I received a message from a long-time supporter. A cat had showed up in a garage which services tires. I was told the cat was injured but really never knew the extent until she was finally trapped yesterday. The employees of the garage had tried for weeks to get her and although she came for food, she remained elusive. Finally, we were able to get a trap there and she was finally caught. Our good friend, Debra B. was able to get her and we made arrangements for her to be immediately seen by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, it took over 15 minutes to get Regal under in order to examine her and what was found was just heartbreaking. Regal was very emaciated. Her eye was gone and her face was literally falling off from layers of infection — the skin was totally dead. Regal was very feral and very much in pain. The doctor said she hadn’t seen any animal in this bad of condition in years. Debra advised that this photo doesn’t even come close to depicting the horror of her condition. The doctor advised that it would take many weeks of treatment, bandage changes, visits to the doctor, and cleanings in order to even hope of saving her. All involved agreed that making Regal suffer any longer than she already has would not be humane. I wish we could save them all but when we can’t, it’s critical that we are able to do what is best for the animal. Please, please pray for all of the poor animals who continue to be outside in these life-killing temperatures. ~ dianaregal w:debra berolatti

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