Twyla – She Left Healthy But Returned Very Ill

Our hearts break for what our Twyla has been through but we will always be there for her.

A Second Chance For Chance

Hellooo Team, well Twyla had her appointment today & it took a rather unexpected turn.ets start with her injured leg. Dr. Blasses took an xray to compare to the xrays from the emergency hospital xrays. Not much difference except her leg is swollen quite a bit more then it was then. It’s too swollen to assess her knee ligaments. So we were going to go home with pain meds cus Twyla is extremely painful and anti-inflammatory. But…because Twyla has lost close to 3lbs and is not eating on her own the Dr decided to do bloodwork. The bloodwork came back that Twyla is jaundice, likely caused from not eating properly. So now Twyla has to have a ultrasound of her liver tomorrow morning. She can’t have the anti-inflammatory because it could damage her liver, so she received antibiotics & much needed pain meds. Please keep Twyla in your prayers tomorrow that her liver is not permanently damaged. When Twyla was seen by the emergency vet @4 Paws 1 Heart covered her medical which was over $400.00. Today she had exam, xray, full blood panel & meds. Tomorrow she will have an ultrasound and we don’t know what else will be needed until we get the results of that. No matter what, 4 Paws 1 Heart is committed to making sure Twyla receives the medical care she needs, this is where your donations mean so much. If you would like to donate to help with Twyla’s medical it would be so appreciated. We will keep you posted. Twyla is now on a/d food for urgent care and mom’s going to go get some food into her tummy
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