Mickey (aka Mila) – Her Infection Was So Severe She Lost One Eye and Lost Sight in the Other

We have worked with Stacey on many occasions but I had no idea of what she went through because she put the welfare of animals ahead of her own. $10,000 and the threat of a felony conviction with possible jail time because she was trying to make sure that NO ONE ever allowed a particular person to foster an animal again. There is definitely room for improvement in our laws and a definite need to do more to protect those who are voiceless. My heart broke when I was called about this little girl but I’m so happy that although one eye needed removal and one eye no longer has sight, she is in a loving home. I just can’t express the importance of 4 paws 1 heart and the village of caring individuals who give up so much of their lives for those who must rely on us. ~ dianamickey:mila foster refused to give medication; 1 eye removed the other blind w:stacey krahe 2015mila:mickey mickey:mila w:stacy 3:13:18

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