Tazzy – 14 Years Old and Nearly Blind – Found Alone on the Streets

3/5/18 – Tazzy was found all alone on the streets. A 14-year old senior who had a badly infected eye, a staph infection on his skin, and many teeth needing extraction. Tazzy’s owners could not be found and the great people at 313 K9 & Kitty Rescue took him in and contacted us for help. When Tazzy was taken to the vet, a mass was also discovered in his throat. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for Tazzy’s medical and today he is being much loved in the home of a 90-year old woman and her daughter. I love it when a senior can adopt a senior and they can live out their lives together.

Now that the holidays are behind us, donations have slowed down. So, if you can, please consider donating so that we can continue helping these beautiful animals who would otherwise die on the streets or be euthanized. Use the donate link on the left of this page, or our website 4paws1heart.orgThank YOU!! ~ dianatazzy -- w:313:1:21:18tazzy w:313 1:24:18

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