Ellie – Update After Her Leg Amputation

Update on “Ellie”. She was initially found as a stray with a badly broken leg. We took her in under 4 Paws 1 heart to cover her medical care and give her the chance she would not have had. We decided amputation was the best option because this was an old injury that had already begun healing. Her surgery was done last Wednesday by our friends over at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. Ellie was also fixed and given her final vaccines. She’s a very sweet girl with a whole lot of energy and three legs has not stopped her or slowed her down. In fact, keeping her activity down so that she can heal has been quite the challenge. In about 2 weeks, Ellie will be going to a rescue group where we hope she will find a wonderful forever home! If you would like to help donate towards her amputation surgery we would greatly appreciate any assistance. As all of you know, the money goes out much faster than it comes in and without your help we could not continue to give animals like Ellie a chance at a forever home. ♡ellie.jpg 4:2:18

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