Bunny – She Was Found Near 4 Dead Siblings Then Another Two Died Before Her

4/10/18 – RIP Sweet Bunny. Please send an angel to watch over your sister, Ruby. She is crying for you and we are worried about her. May God watch over all of these precious animals who are on the street without anyone to care for them. ~ diana

 “We are absolutely beyond heartbroken to tell you we lost Bunny this morning at 6:05 a.m.
It was exactly the same as with Sweet Angel & Max. She barely wanted any of her midnight feeding, even less at 2a.m. At 4am she refused any food, was limp, had very shallow breathing and had blood in her urine. Mom held her to her chest & comforted her as she made her journey. We are convinced that this is a genetic defect likely due to inbreeding. For the love of everything, please spay & neuter!!!! Please keep Ruby in your prayers, shes doing well at this time but is also heartbroken and crying for her sister as are we.
💔😭💔😭💔😭 – Chance”bunny 4:2:18bunny 4:10:18
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