Jewels – Found Pregnant in a Cat Community

4/10/18 – As I mentioned earlier — kitten season is in full force! Only with your help can we make a difference and try to stop the overwhelming number of unwanted animals. ~ diana

“Jewels in color. Trapped her Monday night (photo 2 was taken then) Tuesday morning, after getting stuck in the food bowl ring holder, she had ONE baby girl. Jewels is still fat…. and we believe still pregnant…. our personal vet confirmed it is very much a possiblity – its called superfetation- and it could be another week…so we are still on kitten watch. Any Rescue friends – has this happened to of your kitties?

Don’t worry people…. Jewels is eating super great, pooping great and taking care of her baby and herself…. maybe is is just fat…. but she’s always been a slender cat who feeds at our work colony. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for your support when it’s time to get Jewels fixed to return to her colony when the time comes. (and baby or babies too…but they will not be returning with mom) – Dee”jewels w:dee g. 4:7:18jewels w:gudenau 4:7:18

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