Pablo – His Owner Was Doing Nothing as He Laid Dying from Parvo Virus

3/20/18 – Meet Pablo. He was rescued from a horrible situation, and we were able to provide the care he needed to give him a second chance. Pablo was dying from Parvo Virus, but his previous owner did not take him into the hospital for treatment. Instead Pablo was forced to fade away slowly, while lying in his own bloody diarrhea. Fortunately, a visitor to the home saw this horrific situation and took action but he couldn’t afford what was going to be needed.

It took almost one week of 24 hour aggressive supportive care in the hospital on IV fluids with several medications in order for Pablo to pull through. Pablo is now thriving in his new environment with a loving dad, but he would have died without treatment and he is not even one year old.

Unfortunately, the previous owner will probably continue to allow puppies to be born into that environment, and they will certainly be exposed to the virus and be left to die as Pablo was.

Parvovirus is deadly. The treatment for Pablo cost our organization over $1000. If your pet acquires the Parvovirus, the average treatment starts at about $500 and can easily go up to $3000. To prevent this deadly virus, all it costs for a vaccine is approximately $25 a month for 4 months.
During the Spring and Summer veterinary professionals will see tons of these cases and countless innocent puppies will die. 4 paws 1 heart will need your help in order to give some of these animals a second chance and we also need your help to please educate as much as you can! If you have any questions about Parvovirus please don’t hesitate to ask. Education is key! ~ Gina

P.S. What Gina didn’t say is that she provided extra care and love during the time Pablo was in the hospital. At about the same time of Pablo’s case, we were involved in another parvo case which was being handled elsewhere at another hospital; that puppy died. There was nothing wrong with the care that puppy was given but I absolutely believe that love and personal care can make a huge difference. Gina’s very own Angel is the perfect example. ~ diana

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