Sky – Found in the Middle of the Road; Emaciated and Hungry

4/12/18 – I recently received the following e mail from the kind man who saved Rhue (see his story on our website after he was seen being dumped in a parking lot by two people.
“I was driving down the road and saw this little white pitbull in the middle of the road, just sitting there. I put the truck in park and I approached the dog. I could tell that she was really thin and hungry. As I got up close to her, I saw she had a collar on that was about 3 weeks to small–I couldn’t even get my finger underneath it, so, again, I brought another dog home. I don’t know why this happens to me but I was determined to save him. I cut the collar off his neck and gave him a bath. I’m not sure if you guys are able to help out with the medical attention. I plan to adopt Sky out to my daughter after I train him for her and she’ll have a really good Pitbull. I thank you so much for helping more than ever it warmed my heart in a world that’s heartless…. its a true blessing to have people like me and you; together we may change the world. God bless. – Craig”

In later conversation, I learned that the rescuer must travel through the area where Rhue and Sky were found and he believes that Sky was another ‘dumped’ animal. An owner never came forth. We were happy to support Sky and are very thankful for people like Craig. Here is a photo of Sky when first found almost 3 weeks ago and now with a nice full belly and with her new buddy, Rhue. ~ Dianasky w:craig lester 3:22:18sky w:craig lester 4:8:18rhue and sky4:9:18

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