Bobby – Rescued With a Wound So Deep It Required Several Stitches

5/9/18 – I received a call from a kind man who had already taken in 3 cats and 3 dogs and was currently feeding a colony at his home. He told me that a very sweet cat (Betty) had showed up with a severe wound on her face. The next day the man was able to get a ride and get her to one of our partner veterinarians. Well, Betty turned out to be Bobby and he had already been neutered. He was very sweet but the wound on his cheek was so severe, several stitches were required. Bobby was kept over night to be observed. The next morning I got a call from the man advising that he couldn’t pick Bobby up from the hospital in that he was in treatment for cancer AND that he couldn’t take in Bobby. There was no way I wanted Bobby back out on the street in that I was sure he had been someone’s pet so I put a call out to our village of friends. My prayers were answered and Bobby was picked up from the vet and is now in a foster home. Another life saved!! AND, don’t forget that your donations can be doubled this week. We couldn’t do this without you. ~ dianabobby 5:9:18bobby 5:9:18+++

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