Kittens – Just Days Old, They Were Left Behind in a Mobile Home

5/8/18 – There are many victims of addiction — rarely do people think of the animals left behind. Yesterday morning an emergency call was made to our friend in regards to four, days-old kittens found in a home where the resident was evicted. The home was in horrendous condition and these babies were lying on this filthy blanket; the babies still had their umbilical cords attached. The kittens were immediately brought into a home where they could be bottle fed and the rescuer returned to the home to try and trap the mom. Upon returning to the home, the rescuer learned that there were actually 4 ‘adult’ cats who may have escaped; one of whom was the mom. Thankfully, in the afternoon, the mom was trapped and reunited with her babies. The family is now with a temporary foster and 4 Paws 1 Heart will be medically backing everyone. Three traps were left at the property in hopes of catching the other 3.
UPDATE: This morning, another cat was trapped. More photos will follow but in the meantime, here are the babies. ~ diana

kittensmobile home park - diana hawkins
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