Mama Jewels & Uno – Found Pregnant in a Feral Community

4/20/18 – Update for Mama Jewels. Jewels was seen in a feral community, appearing very pregnant. Our Board member, Dee, trapped her and brought her home. The following day, Jewels had her baby. Because Jewels still looked “heavy”, it was thought that she might have more kittens. Dee spoke with her vet and watched closely but there were no more kittens. Thus, the baby was named Uno. Beautiful Jewels will be spayed once she is finished nursing and 4 Paws 1 Heart will take care of that as well as Uno’s medical needs when it is time. Uno is now 2 weeks old and is a little ‘chunkster’ weighing in at 12.7 oz. She’s a cutie. Here’s Uno today and Jewels with her baby.mama jewels 4:20:18mama jewels baby 2 4:20:18mama jewels baby 4:20:18

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