Amenadel, Peony, Maize, Luke, Sir Arthur, Tula, Lucie, Cain – Rescued During a Trap-Neuter-Return Project

6/10/18 – Look at all of these little beauties seeking their forever homes. They were all rescued in St. Clair Shores, MI and will be medically cared for by 4 Paws 1 Heart, including spay and neuter. They were all rescued by our friends Debra B. and Cheryl K. who have been helping some elderly residents take control of an overwhelming population of ‘feral’ cats. The people have had their house assaulted with cat fecies and although I can understand the frustration of the neighbors, how about we try to help each other. Please contact Patricia if you are interested in adoption–pattib7355@aol.comamenadiel 6:11:18 peony 6:11:18 maize 6:11:18 Luke 6:11:18 sir arthur 6:11:18 tula 6:11:18 Lucie 6:11:18 Cain 6:11:18

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