Bigby – RIP Sweet Boy – He Saved a Kitten Before He Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

6/7/18 – If only we could save them all. Bigby was a feral cat who saved a little kitten and watched over her until she could be trapped and placed into a home. His paw was very mangled (we don’t know what happened) and he tested positive for leukemia and FIV. He would have had to be put under anesthesia every couple of days to try and save his paw — removing his leg was not an option. Once again, a very difficult but humane decision had to be made. RIP Bigby, thank you for saving little Angel. Have fun with all of our human and fur friends who will lead the way. ~ diana

“Bigby you saved baby Angel….now you are an angel…. find my Dad and have fun, have no pain and most of you will have love you didn’t have in life: fly free my Bigby. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of both Bigby’s and Angels medical expenses. – bigby and angel 6:6:18 bigby 6:6:18Dee”

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