Coco, Pepper, and Gypsy – Found With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

I’m sorry for the graphic photo but this is why your donations and your support means so much to our organization. Yesterday, A Good Samaritan found 3 very sick kittens on the street. They were brought into the veterinary hospital all in need of urgent medical care. Two of the kittens will need an eye removed due to the damage from secondary infection from a virus. 4 paws 1 heart will cover medical and an exam will be set up at Patterson Veterinary hospital. Next, surgery will need to be scheduled for the eyes, and then they will need all of their shots, and lastly spaying and neutering. If you would like to donate towards their medical care visit our website
The 2 larger special needs kittens are with a foster mom, but the smallest kitten is still in need of a more permanent foster. I currently have her at home with me. Thank you, Gina

coco, pepper and cypsy 5:31:18
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