Alpena Cats – Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

6/1/18 – The reality is that I cannot keep up with telling the stories of the many cats and dogs we have been helping. Here are just a few of the many cats being rescued by a woman who is located in the Alpena, MI area. Although the majority of our dollars are spent in the Macomb/Wayne/Oakland communities, we do assist in other areas of the State. As you can see, many of these cats have been suffering with upper respiratory infections. Again, we say, may God bless the rescuers. ~ dianasherrie warren 1 - 6:1:18 sherrie warren 2 6:1:18 sherrie warren 3 6:1:18 sherrie warren 4 6:1:18 sherrie warren 5 6:1:18 sherrie warren 6 6:1:18 sherrie warren 7 6:1:18 sherrie warren 8 6:1:18

Fido – Appeared With A Severe Wound on His Neck

5/31/18 – Meet Fido. He showed up at Tonya’s home with a huge, deep wound in his neck (see photo). After calling several vets, we were able to get Fido seen and treated. We are not sure what caused the wound but we are happy to report that his wound is responding well to the treatment and Fido is in a temporary, loving home while Tonya continues to try and find a forever home. If you are interested in this beautiful boy, please contact: [email protected] . ~ dianafido 5:31:18 fido -- 5:31:18

Coco, Pepper, and Gypsy – Found With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

I’m sorry for the graphic photo but this is why your donations and your support means so much to our organization. Yesterday, A Good Samaritan found 3 very sick kittens on the street. They were brought into the veterinary hospital all in need of urgent medical care. Two of the kittens will need an eye removed due to the damage from secondary infection from a virus. 4 paws 1 heart will cover medical and an exam will be set up at Patterson Veterinary hospital. Next, surgery will need to be scheduled for the eyes, and then they will need all of their shots, and lastly spaying and neutering. If you would like to donate towards their medical care visit our website
The 2 larger special needs kittens are with a foster mom, but the smallest kitten is still in need of a more permanent foster. I currently have her at home with me. Thank you, Gina

coco, pepper and cypsy 5:31:18

Chance, Cisco Kid, Ruby, Carla – Team Chance Update

5/30/18 – Here’s an update from Chance on some of the newbies in the Chance family. Both Ruby and Kid will be looking for their forever loving homes. Every day we continue to help the rescuers who contact us. Between authorizing medical needs, communicating with our supporters, and getting ready for our big fundraiser on Saturday, June 2 at Harbor Lanes, SCS, at 7:15 p.m., it’s been pretty crazy around here. We are just thankful that 4p1h can continue to assist during this very intense season where medical needs seem to be the highest.

“Gooood morning Team Chance, Happy Wednesday!!! Whew! It’s already very warm outside and it’s going to get muggy hot before the storms roll in tonight so dont forget those cool bowls of water outside please! Well, Ruby finally made her vetting weight 2lb 2.2oz. She can finally start her shots, shes 9wks old today.
And Cisco Kid is also all healed up and ready for his shots & neuter, yay Kid!!! Carla is on her second round of antibiotics for her UTI and will need to go back in next week for a recheck. Donations 4 Paws 1 Heart are very low this time of year as families begin planning their summer vacations ect, but the vetting needs rise as kitten season is in full swing, their mamas also need vetting, heartworm positive doggys are needing expensive treatment, so many needs! Your donations are needed more then ever so everybody can get the vet care they need & deserve. Wont you please make a donation today? Every dollar counts!
4 Paws 1 Heart
P.O. Box 84
St. Clair Shores, Mi. 48080
Have a SuperHero kind of Wednesday Team, stay cool & dry!”chance 5:20:18 Cisco kid 5:30:18 ruby 5:30:18 twyla 5:30:18

Freya – She Was Padlocked on a Short Chain 24/7

5/29/18 – This is the time of year when donations always seem to die down. I think because the temperatures are mild, there is a belief that the medical need for animals are reduced. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Summer brings more heart worm cases, upper respiratory infections, and more kittens and puppies who come with their own illnesses caused by the moms breeding too often.

This is Freya. She was one of a group of five dogs padlocked on short chains 24/7 behind a condemned house. The rescuer was brought in to try and help a month ago and everyone she reached out to couldn’t help. Freya had a piece of siding fall on her and she got so scared she slipped her collar. She was caught and brought into the rescuer’s home who will work at rehoming her. Freya visited the vet, complements of 4p1h, and she tested negative for heart worm and received all of her vaccines. She will be spayed in 3 weeks after she has had a chance to ‘chill out’. She is doing great in the rescuer’s home and bonding with the family’s pet.

It’s only with donations and support at our funderaiser can we afford to help animals like Freya. Donations can be made through paypal by using the link on the left side of this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080

freya -- 5:29:18 freya 5:29:18

Coco – Neighborhood Teenagers Were Trying to Set Her Tail on Fire

5/28/18 – Coco was rescued when neighbors noticed that young boys were trying to set her tail on fire. The neighbors took her in but their dog kept attacking her. We were contacted by the final rescuer asking if we could help with a vet visit; not only did Coco need her basic vet care, including spay, she was consistently leaking urine. Coco was seen by one of our partner vets and given antibiotics. She will be watched over the next couple of weeks and when healthy, she will be spayed and vaccinated. What makes young people want to torture defenseless animals???? ~ dianacoco 5:28:18

Hercules – A Look Back

5/26/18 – I remember that first day that Gina brought Hercules to our home. Every time he bent down to eat food or drink water, his back legs would rise up. My heart broke for what he went through. A person walking through the neighborhood saw a two-month old dog lying on the grass, seemingly dead — that was the beginning of Hercules’ story.
This video is a little long but so is Herc’s journey. Like our feline mascot, Chance, Hercules is an inspiration to all. Since Hercules came into our lives, Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets (Dr. Tari Kern) has played an important role in many of the lives taken on by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Hercules will be at our July 14 5kWalk/Run for Fun and he (and his parents) are committed supporters of 4 Paws 1 Heart. 6 years later and when Herc sees Gina or I, there are licks all over. I can’t tell you how much I love this dog and respect our Board member Lori Jobak, Tari Kern, and Herc’s dad, Chris for all that they have done for this amazing boy. Shawn Ley, this was our first WDIV story. diana

Cisco Kid – He Showed Up Beaten and Sick

5/25/18 – I honestly can’t express how happy this makes us all feel. The saying is that rescues are forever grateful. ~ dianacisco kid ++ 5:25:18 cisco kid -- 5:25:18 cisco kid 5:25:18

“Meet the Cisco Kid! This amazing boy was thought to be feral and showed up in my neighborhood a couple months ago and was being fed by a neighbor. A couple weeks ago he started coming to my feeding bowl. Becuse we recently found a severely felv boy in our area that was so sick he was unable to be saved, I wasn’t taking any chances with Kid. While discussing how we were going to tnr him, he showed up injured! No way, it already looked infected in one day! Long story short, he finally got in the trap and I’ve never seen a cat more grateful to be rescued!!! Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart he was treated for the abscess over his eye and other minor wounds. Snap tested, which came back extremely, very faint positive for fiv. Most likely due to his infection, but will need to be retested. In about another week again thanks to 4 Paws Kid will be getting his shots & neuter and will be ready for a rescue, foster or better yet a forever home. Gets along with cats & dogs, it would be hard to find a more loving boy! If you would like to open your heart & home to this grateful sweetheart please contact me at [email protected]. “


Cubbie, Onyx, Gracie, Stormy, & Mouser – All Rescued During a Trap, Neuter, Return Project

5/25/18 – Our great friend, Debra B., has been helping elderly women who have been caring for a large population of ferals who have never been spayed/neutered. Realizing that one female cat can produce 3 litters a year for almost her entire life, you can imagine how ‘out of hand’ this has become. Although the City allows the care of community cats, the situation has become overwhelming for the neighbors and the caregivers. To date, Debra B. has captured 16 kittens as well as a few of the females. 4 Paws 1 Heart has committed to the medical needs of all who are trapped. The kittens are with someone who will try to get forever homes. Here are five of the kittens who will be getting their first round of vaccines and are schedules to get spayed/neutered in a few weeks. Cubbie, Onyx, Gracie, Stormy, and Mouser. Anyone interested in these beauties should contact Cathy at: [email protected] ~ dianaCubbie Onyx 5:24:18 Gracie 5:24:18 Stormy 5:24:28 Mouser 5:24:18

Roxy – At No Fault of Her Own, She Has Been Bounced Around Most of Her Life

5/24/18 – Roxy’s sad but happy ending story:
Roxy was adopted from a shelter when she was 2 and lived with her previous owner for 5 years until he became homeless. She then lived behind a dumpster for 2 months until someone discovered them. Roxy then was taken to the local animal shelter; they put a hold on her for 2 months to allow the owner time to take her back. The owner then pulled her and stayed in a motel until he ran out of money. A person who knew the owner’s case manager offered to hold her until the owner got housing. Roxy and her dog didn’t get along and the case manager lost contact with the owner. It was determined that the owner was incapable of taking care of her. She was posted on the All Things Livonia page and15 rescues were contacted in hopes of finding someone to re-home her. But then, Kate was found and she was happy to give this very sweet dog a home. Kate was told that Roxy was spayed but she had a large hernia that wasn’t a threat to her health. Her new mom brought her to a vet where it was determined that she actually wasn’t spayed and she had multiple masses on her mammary glands. That is when 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted. We were happy to help Roxy (who was 40 lbs when taken in) and agreed to pay for her surgery. The good news is that Roxy’s masses are gone and she is CANCER FREE. Roxy is now 60 lbs. and is doing great. ~ dianaRoxy 5:24:18Roxy--5:24:18