Mama Cat and Babies – Mom Was Frightened and the Babies Were Alone – Now Reunited

5/16/18 – You might remember our posting of last week regarding 4 kittens found abandoned in a home; they still had their umbilical cords attached but mom had been friightened off. The kittens were immediately taken in by one of our friends and a person who could bottle feed them was found. Our friend went back to the home and set traps for what she was told were 3 more cats who had been in the home. As luck (and prayers) would have it, the first cat to be trapped was the kittens’ mom. She was immediately placed with her babies and here they are. Of course, 4 Paws 1 Heart will be taking care of their medical needs when they are ready to be seen by a vet. Again, thank you to every person who works beyond the call of duty to save these animals.mama Kat w:kittens 5:16:18mama cat w:kittens w:james mazza 5:16:18mama cat w:james mazza --5:16:18mama cat w:kittens 5:16:18

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