Mama and Four Kittens – Rescuer Was Going to Take to a Shelter

5/17/18 – Tuesday night I received an urgent call for help:
“Hi, about an hour ago I was contacted by a colony caregiver about a mama and 4 kittens. One kitten seemed to be weak and all kittens had uri’s. The finder was going to turn them over to the shelter but instead i took them in. I’ve only had them for about 2 hours but it is urgent they get to a vet, one

kitten is not doing good at all; the kittens are around 8 weeks old. one has poop falling from his bottom and he is very weak, the mama is not feral just a little scared…. I have begged rescue but all are full and time is of the essence
with the weak kitten… if I cannot find a rescue I am willing to keep this mom and kittens until they find great homes or until a rescue is found but I cannot fund their vetting. At any time I can take them anywhere if needed to be… If you could help I would forever be grateful. Ty Shawna” ~ diana

The very sick kitten was taken to a nearby emergency where the veterinarian actually provided care at no cost. Although, Shawna felt the kitten was beyond help, the doctor believed otherwise and the kitten was taken home. During the night he perked up but by yesterday morning he was again gravely ill. By the time he could be treated any further, he died. On the same day Mama and the other three kittens visited one of our partner veterinarians and all of them were treated for URI’s. We will continue with our commitment until the family is healthy, vaccinated, and able to be spayed/neutered. RIP Little One and please say a little prayer for the rest of the family. God Bless the Rescuers. ~ diana32655349_1905598819472407_7284337492625457152_n32643290_1905598999472389_7206336720411820032_n32679811_1905599162805706_3781334356094615552_n

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