Tammy – Her Son Led Rescuers to Save Her

6/30/18 – Meet Tammy. Her son led finders to her, lying in brush, with a broken leg. Her leg was amputated with some assistance from 4 Paws 1 Heart. The vet’s staff said that she is the sweetest cat. Obviously, Tammy either escaped her home or was ‘dumped’. Here she is in a ‘onsie’ so she doesn’t have to wear a cone. She will need her forever loving home. We are very grateful to Pamela Vida for rescuing her and getting her the help that was needed. Anyone interested in adopting Tammy should contact Pamela at: pamelavida1950@gmail.com . ~ dianatammy 7:2:18 tammy n tobi w:christine palleschi - doing great tammy w:pamela vida

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