Liberty – Thrown Out of the Back of a Vehicle

Thankfully, Gina was there and because of the amazing support of our donors and Gina’s strong connections to the medical world, 4 paws 1 heart was able to have this dog taken to and treated by emergency doctors — but, unfortunately the owners cannot reimburse. We never know the situation with a stray animal. We are thankful an owner was found. We just pray that the owner will be more watchful. There is still a dog missing. – diana

“Female, adult, mixed breed, about 65 pounds, no chip, no identification, was seen tossed out of truck on 94 and 8 mile. Detroit. It happened yesterday about 4:30 PM. She was hit by 2 cars and a good samaritan brought her to the hospital. She is receiving medical treatment for her injuries. If you have any information regarding her owners or a description of the vehicle please contact me.”Liberty 6:30:18

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