Billy – Abandoned on a Porch with 3 Siblings; Fractured in His Pelvis ad Femur

8/30/18 – A new special-needs case taken on by 4 paws 1 heart. Billie was found amongst 4 other kittens. A person took in 3 but because Billie couldn’t stand, he was passed up. Our good friend Debbie Nelson contacted us and we agreed to take on his medical care. He is now with our other great friend and special needs mom extraordinaire, Denise Najera –Chance’s mom. I’m afraid it will be a long journey but we are suckers for special needs and although he is in pain, he’s a little love bug. – diana

“Helloooo Team, mom here. So we have some news on our little nugget Billy. It’s been confirmed that he does have 2, possibly 3 fractures to the left side of his pelvis. And he also has a fracture to the left femoral head. Which is the top of the bone in his left leg where the femur meets the hip. This will likely require surgery. So we’re figuring out the best person for that job while his pelvis heals on it’s own. He’s not so hungry tonight and he is also having a bit of eeewy 💩 which may be from the pain meds. Poor, sweet boy He’s had his pain med and something to help his he just needs to rest and we are keeping a watchful eye to make sure he’s stays as comfortable as possible. Please continue to keep Billy in your prayers. Always this time of year donations are at their lowest. Summer vacations, college tuition, back to schools clothes, we get it…we totally understand. But even with donations and funds so lowbilly 8:30:18 4 Paws 1 Heart couldn’t turn their back on little Billy. And I hope you feel the same way, every donation no matter how small helps! Billy has a long road ahead of him, and 4 Paws 1 Heart will be there every step of the way right along with Team Chance ❤ “


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