Bubba – Rescued from a Shelter. Extremely Scared, Pinch Collars Digging Into His Throat, Ears Being Eaten by Bugs

Bubba is up for adoption! We think he is a Mastiff/Staffordshire terrier mix. 🐕
Bubba was rescued from a shelter he was extremely scared and shutdown.
When he came in his ears were eaten by bugs, he had 3 pinch collars toobubba 9:16:18 bubba--9:16:18 bubba==9:16:18 small digging into his throat, he was dirty with horrible skin and an obvious broken spirit. He shows many signs of abuse. 4 Paws 1 heart jumped into action giving him a chance and saved this sweet boy. They have paid for the medical bills and allowed his true personality to show by giving him a chance. He is placed in a foster with two dogs that he gets along wonderfully with, he’s been cat tested and he’s great with calm cats who have been around dogs.
When he first meets a new person he shuts down, gets scared, and won’t move. We suspect he was abused and due to this he trusts people very slowly. It took a month for the foster to fully get him out of his shell and even then loud noises and quick actions frighten him greatly.
He seems more fearful of men but with work he has shown he can happily cuddle with them.
He has met small children and he acts the same as with any new face, he begins trembling and not making eye contact. He’s never growled or attacked and he shows no signs of aggression.

This could be overwhelming thinking he’ll never open up, love you, or be a normal dog.
But, luckily that is not the case! He eventually will and when he does
he is a snuggle bug who loves to sleep in bed with you, loves relaxing lazy time, but also enjoys a Walk or run and his walking skills are amazing. He loves to play tug-of-war and fetch and he just loves baby talk.
He’s potty trained, knows basic commands, and has the best smile in the world.
All vaccines are up to date and he is neutered.
He’d do best in a home with someone looking for a loyal companion. Someone who needs a true friend and someone who is willing to take the time to help him open up.
Bubba is goofy, loving, and will surely complete a family if they are willing to give him the time and love he deserves.
He’ll happily return that in time.

If interested please email

So if you think you are please contact us.
Serious adopters

He’s scared because someone hurt him
Now let’s heal him with love, time and understanding. _ Gina

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