Chance – May You Rest In Peace

9/29/18 – My heart breaks with Cortney. Her family gave Chance so much love and we tried so hard to give her as much time as possible. Our doctor warned that doing nothing could result in the tumor bursting, resulting in much pain and emergency euthanasia. Please keep Cortney, her family, and Chance in your prayers this morning. – diana

“Tomorrow is the day. The day Chance has to cross the rainbow bridge. 🌈 THE day, the day my heart is going to break 1000000 times over, the day I’ll remember every little thing you’ve done since you’ve been with me. Tomorrow is the day you’ll be put to rest my sweet Chance. I’ve never had to do this before so it is not going to be a good day. 😭 In the end, I know I loved you to the best of my ability, spoiled you to the best of my ability and had I not found 4 Paws 1 Heart I wouldn’t have been able to do a damn thing for you!

So when I say I thank you Diana Rascano from the bottom of my heart I truly mean it with every bone in my body. I loved chance I still do I’ve loved her until it hurt I’ve cried over her multiple nights when she first came to me and I didn’t think she was going to make it another day. I’ve had her for a little over a year now and she’s become part of my family. She fought, she fought so fucking hard, excuse my language but I’m pouring my feelings right now. She gained so much weight and she wasn’t supposed to and that was a good sign! She was my first rescue that needed medical, I poked her with a needle twice a day! I shoved antibiotics down her throat when she hated me, she scratched me, she fought it every time. I always said I can’t adopt her out and when her condition didn’t get any better I knew I really couldn’t adopt her out. I had to be her safety net. Now, i have to prevent her from suffering and it’s the hardest damn thing I’ve ever had to do!

I’m getting cold feet, like I’m a man at the alter but i know I can’t risk her tumor bursting and her being an emergency euthanasia and hurting, i can’t make her suffers. She’s been peeing on my Counters for 5 months we tried to treat her, we tried so hard to save her. She started peeing clots and her time is so near i can feel
It. I can feel it when she snuggles me tight, when she purrs in my ear from 11pm till 6am. I feel her pain and it’s killing me.

I hate that she had to suffer I have no idea how long she was on the streets when I found her, i don’t know what she’s endured, what kind of love she’s felt but I do know that I have loved her so hard and that I will always love her. 😪 p.s I do not do outdoor cats and her outdoor excursions were strictly monitored from the minute I took her out to the minute I took her inside, I just wanted her to experience anything and everything she wanted. – Cortney”chance - cortney 9:28:18 chance 9:28:18 chance w:cortney kleiner 9:28:18

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