Oliver (aka Stevie Wonder) Found Appearing to be Blind; the Shelter Wouldn’t Take Him

10/16/18 – Oliver was rescued from outside a municipal shelter which couldn’t take him in because of his physical condition — he was very emaciated and appeared to be blind. Our good friend, Shelley, took the call for help and rescued him and then our other good friend, Debbie N. took him in. Oliver was seen by one of our partner vets and she thinks that the third eyelids are covering his retinas. He is scheduled to see another doctor next week. I’m not sure what the prognosis will be but we will do whatever we can to help this very sweet boy.
Don’t forget that the SWEETEST DAY MATCH is on and donations will be matched (up to $1,500) between now and midnight, Saturday, October 20. We couldn’t help these abused and abandoned animals without all of our good friends and YOU. 4paws1heart.org/donations/ ~ diana

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