Rooster – He Was Sitting in the Middle of the Road

10/22/18 – Meet Rooster. His rescuer sent me the following message:

Thank you again for giving a helping hand to this sweet stray that has captured everyone’s hearts. We’re calling him Rooster for now, but I expect that to change as his personality comes out. The vet techs were snuggling him and asking if I planned to keep him—which I hope to do—but if not, I have every confidence that we’ll find him a great forever home.

I’ve included a photo of Rooster. He may look like he’s mean-mugging, but he has a heart of gold. When I met him, he was sitting in the middleRooster w:jill leonard 10:16:18of the road, completely oblivious that I had just pulled up behind him and he was in my path. I got out to check on him and after a moment of standoffishness, he couldn’t get enough attention. I left the car parked at the curb, and he walked beside me all the way home like the most loyal companion. We’ll get him feeling better in no time. He has ear mites, ear infections, can’t hear, and has fleas bad enough that they resulted in anemia and may be the cause of his heart murmur. Thanks to you, I have the meds to treat him and he will be vaccinated when he is well enough. ~ Jill”

Rooster is under the rescue SouthMittens Kittens. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact

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